Senator Jim Carlson Says Senate Republicans Are Not Listening to Minnesotans Who Want to Address Gun Violence

90% of Minnesotans Support Common Sense Gun Safety, According to New Polling

St. Paul, Minn. –  Last Thursday night, Republicans blocked the entire Minnesota Senate from holding a public discussion about gun safety on three separate occasions.

During debate on a sprawling 500-page omnibus finance bill (Senate File 3656), Senator Ron Latz (DFL-St. Louis Park) introduced amendments that would prevent firearm sales to criminals and provide a safe option to protect people who may harm themselves. Every Senate Republican voted against these common-sense strategies to prevent gun violence, eliminating the last opportunity for on-the-record public discussion of gun violence in the Minnesota Senate this year. The vote occurred just days after a new Star Tribune poll found that 90 percent of Minnesotans support common sense firearm safety.

“After their partisan vote to shut down debate on firearm safety, the Republican Senate majority demonstrated they are not listening to the people of Minnesota, who overwhelmingly support honest, commonsense firearm safety measures,” said Sen. Carlson. “They are not listening to the students who came to our State Capitol and my office in person to ask their elected representatives to take action and save lives. Protecting our children and loved ones, whether it be from gun violence, distracted driving, or other dangers, is the moral test of our time.”

The gun safety strategies introduced last Thursday include:

-Universal criminal background checks on all firearm purchases and transfers excluding family members (introduced by Sen. Latz).

-Violence protection orders to use due process through a court application to remove a firearm from the possession of someone who could hurt themselves or others (introduced by Sen. Latz).

-Lifting a prohibition on the Minnesota Department of Health to study de-identified firearm ownership data as it relates to public health and epidemiology (introduced by Senator Matt Klein).

The Minnesota Senate passed Republicans’ supplemental budget proposal (packed with controversial policies) in the dead of night Thursday on a party-line vote, with all 34 Republican senators voting in favor, and all 31 DFL senators present voting in opposition.

Senator Jim Carlson
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