Senator Judy Seeberger Statement on Senate Republicans Blocking Local Infrastructure and Job Creation Projects

ST. PAUL, Minn. — On Thursday, the Senate voted on a bonding bill to invest in the infrastructure needs of communities across the state. Because a minimum of 41 votes are required to pass bonding bills, this legislation ultimately was blocked by Senate Republicans. In response, Senator Seeberger (DFL-Afton) released the following statement:

“Today, Senate Republicans blocked a bonding bill that would have invested $1.5 billion into local infrastructure projects and repairs, created good paying jobs, and improved the lives of Minnesotans. In this bonding bill, I had secured funds to invest in infrastructure improvements for the highway 36 and Lake Elmo Avenue intersection along with funds for the Hastings Veterans Home. I will continue to fight diligently for these proposals, but I am deeply disappointed that Republicans refused to work together and put politics aside to fulfill their promises to Minnesotans. Today was a reminder of why the legislature experienced so much gridlock before the trifecta. Several Republicans had millions of dollars worth of investments for their own districts in the bonding bill but instead allowed their desire for political control to come before their commitments made to Minnesota. I will keep fighting for these proposals in my districts and I hope my Republican colleagues will start doing the same.”


Senator Judy Seeberger represents Senate District 41 which includes Afton, Cottage Grove, Hastings, and Lake Elmo. She is vice chair of the Commerce and Consumer Protection Committee, and serves on the Agriculture, Broadband, and Rural Development Committee as well as the Judiciary and Public Safety Committee.

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