Senator Karla Bigham Calls For Special Legislative Session To Complete Work on Public Safety Bill

Senator Karla Bigham (DFL – Cottage Grove) told a Minnesota Police and Peace Officer Association (MPPOA) Violent Crime Summit on Tuesday that violent crime would be reduced across Minnesota if state lawmakers returned to the Capitol in a special session to finish a public safety bill that was close to being finished when the Legislature adjourned in May.

Sen. Bigham, who pushed several public safety measures in the State Senate this year, was part of a bipartisan panel of legislators speaking at the one-day MPPOA summit, where she urged her colleagues to partner with law enforcement to enhance public safety and prevent violent crime across Minnesota. She also pressed for a special legislative session to finish work on the nearly-complete public safety measure.

“Crime prevention should not be a political or partisan issue. At the summit, we heard from experts, and had a great discussion about the tools and resources we need to address crime and to ensure everyone feels safe in their communities,” Sen. Bigham said. “It’s very clear the Legislature needs to get back to work in a special session and pass the public safety bill that was very close to being complete at the end of May. The bill isn’t perfect, but it provides resources and it would be an important step in not only reducing crime today, but also preventing crime in the future.”

Sen. Bigham said she’ll continue to work with MPPOA Executive Director Brian Peters and other public safety stakeholders to push for a special session to get the public safety bill over the finish line at the State Capitol. The MPPOA is the state’s largest police union.

Karla Bigham represents District 54 in the southeast Twin Cities metro, including parts of Dakota and Washington counties.

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