Senator Karla Bigham Praises Bipartisan Cooperation on Hard-Fought Deal to Pay Frontline Workers, Replenish Unemployment Trust Fund

The Minnesota Senate passed a bill Friday afternoon to issue direct payments to Minnesota’s frontline workers and prevent a tax increase on businesses by replenishing the state’s unemployment trust fund. Following the passage of the bill, Senator Karla Bigham (DFL-Cottage Grove) issued the following statement:

“I was proud to vote for this bill,” said Senator Bigham. “This legislation is long overdue and I’m glad that Democrats and Republicans in the Minnesota Senate were finally able to come together in a bipartisan fashion to deliver for Minnesota’s workers and businesses.”

“Businesses have made immense sacrifices over the past two years, and this bill takes a crucial step to ensure that businesses don’t experience a tax hike in the months and years ahead. We made a commitment to protect businesses that were faced with no other choice than to lay off their workers in March and April of 2020. This bill delivers on that promise we made to them.”

“I’d like to thank the members of the frontline worker pay group for their tireless advocacy on this issue and for rallying a broad bipartisan coalition to support the final agreement. Frontline workers stepped up to protect Minnesotans during the early days of the pandemic and they’ve waited far too long for these necessary and well-deserved payments.”

The Senator said that she looks forward to seeing the bill signed into law by the Governor hours after approval by both chambers of the legislature. 

Karla Bigham represents District 54 in the southeast Twin Cities metro, including parts of Dakota and Washington counties.

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