Senator Kathy Sheran on e-cigarettes legislation

The recent popularity of e-cigarettes has left many uncertain as to what these devices contain, what they do and how to regulate them. The effects of e-cigarettes are still unclear at this point, but there is enough concern to prompt a discussion at the state’s Capitol.

Legislation to classify and treat E-cigarettes the same as smoking and in turn ban them in the same places cigarettes are banned is currently making its way through the legislative process. The bill would also prohibit the use of these devices in schools, allow local units of governments to require a tobacco license for businesses to sell the devices and keep the products behind the counter at retailers just as other tobacco products are now.

Finally, the bill adds ‘Tobacco-related devices’ and ‘electronic delivery device’ to the list of tobacco products that are prohibited to be sold to minors. The same criminal penalties would apply as if someone had sold them any other tobacco product already prohibited under law.

Senate DFL