Senator Kent’s statement on public safety funding

Governor Walz issued a request under the federal Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC) to bring assistance from Ohio and Nebraska to Minnesota in advance of the Derek Chauvin trial verdict. Today, Senate Republicans fast tracked the passing of those emergency funds to the state.

In response to this legislation being brought to the floor today, Senate DFL Leader, Senator Susan Kent (DFL-Woodbury) released the following statement:

“In anticipation of the Chauvin trial verdict, we need to be sure that we have sufficient coverage to provide safety for our citizens and ensure outside individuals don’t create chaos amongst our peaceful demonstrations or damage property, like they did last summer. Minnesota has been the focus of national events recently and our public safety officials have been stretched thin throughout the state, which is why I voted yes on the bill. I do, however, expect law enforcement to be transparent and accountable in their role to protect and serve and not create tension or escalate any situation further.”

“One thing worth noting from today’s floor action, was how Senate Republicans were able to fast track funding to increase public safety in our state in such an expeditious manner. An immediate need was identified, and they brought it to the floor for a vote. I urge Senate Republicans, as I have in the past, to act with the same sense of urgency for real police reform and accountability in Minnesota as they did with today’s bill to fund public safety. Senator Gazelka referenced the police reform legislation that we passed last summer, but that was only intended to be the beginning.” 

“There are so many people in our communities who are hurting, and we need to act now. We saw today how legislation can be brought to the floor and passed when Senator Gazelka decides to prioritize it. I urge him and other Senate Republicans to prioritize the urgent need for police reform and bring legislation to the floor for a vote now.” 

Senator Susan Kent
Susan Kent represents District 53 in the eastern Twin Cities metropolitan area.

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