Senator Koenen introduces County Program Aid Bill

Several counties across Minnesota will be receiving more aid this year if legislation introduced by Senator Lyle Koenen (DFL – Clara City) is made into law. Although the state’s county program aid program received more overall funding last year, several counties saw their share of aid drop. Sen. Koenen’s bill would give these counties a one-time supplement to replace the lost aid.

“Last year we worked hard to give our local counties more aid to help meet the needs of essential services. Unfortunately, although there is more total money available, some of our counties have lost out,” said Sen. Koenen. “This will give those counties the aid they have lost.”

There are 11 counties that will see lower county program aid in 2014 than what they had in 2013. Each of these 11 counties is eligible for supplemental aid that makes up for the difference between aid received last year and the aid certified for this year. The amount necessary to pay this supplemental aid would come from the general fund to the commissioner of revenue. The total cost for this supplemental aid is approximately $738,000.

“In my own district, Chippewa County lost 35.4% of its county program aid. This represents a loss of approximately $185,000. By making up this difference we are helping our communities pay for essential services and are making sure important programs can continue,” said Sen. Koenen. “While I am proposing this year a one-time fix, next year I will be working to find a long-term solution so that these counties are no longer losing aid.”

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Senator Lyle Koenen
Lyle Koenen represents District 17, which includes portions of Chippewa, Kandiyohi, Renville, and Swift counties in the southwestern part of the state. He is the vice chair of the Tax Reform Division.

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