Senator Latz reflects on Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s legacy

As the nation prepares to see Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg lay in state in our nation’s Capitol building and then be laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery, Senator Ron Latz, DFL-Saint Louis Park, DFL lead on the Minnesota Senate Judiciary Committee, has prepared the following reflection on her legacy:

“Our nation has lost not just a Supreme Court Justice, but an iconic figure in American history. Ruth Bader Ginsberg was a trailblazer who dedicated her life to the necessary fights for a more just and equal world, and who’s legacy was worth honoring well before her service as a justice began. She will be remembered for her tireless dedication to the role of the Court and exemplified the fight for a more perfect union. Despite her loss, she will continue to be an inspiration for every man and woman in America to continue the fight for justice.

“By her legal insight, powerful intellect and personal fortitude, Justice Ginsburg freed both women and men from their legal pigeonholes, redefining equal protection to include sex-based differences in the law and thereby opening opportunities for all and especially women denied to them by law and practice. She became a singular force for justice and an inspiration to generations. The battle for true equality continues, standing on Justice Ginsburg’s formidable precedent and shoulders. We will continue that battle, as the words emblazoned in her courthouse chamber demands of us: justice, justice, thou shall pursue.

“The unfortunate aftermath of her loss leaves a vacancy on the Court that must be filled. It’s upsetting that during a time of great mourning we are forced to look to fill the ninth seat. Ideally, the 2020 McConnell-led Senate abides by the precedent set by the McConnell-led Senate in 2016. However, I have no faith in the current Senate Majority Leader to follow precedent, to do the right thing and wait for the American people to choose the next Justice through the November election.”

Senator Ron Latz
Ron Latz represents District 46, which includes portions of Hennepin County in the western Twin Cities metropolitan area.

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