Senator Liz Boldon Votes to Pass Gun Violence Prevention Legislation  

ST. PAUL, Minn. — On Thursday, May 9th, the Minnesota Senate passed House File 2609 – legislation that increases penalties for “straw purchases” of firearms, and regulates trigger modifications to guns. 

After the legislation passed, Senator Liz Boldon (DFL-Rochester) released the following statement:

According to the Centers for Disease Control, firearms have been the leading cause of death for children and youth in the United States since 2020. We have seen countless senseless acts of violence play out across our country, claiming innocent victims. These tragedies warrant deliberative action, not just ‘thoughts and prayers.’”

“Today’s legislation does two things. One, it will keep guns out of the hands of folks who should not have them, by increasing penalties on people who conduct ‘straw purchases’ of firearms and transfer them to folks who are prohibited from possessing them. Two, it outlaws deadly binary trigger modifications, such as the one used in the recent tragedy in Burnsville, Minnesota, where the lives of multiple law enforcement officers and first responders were taken.”

“Before and during my time at the Legislature, I have advocated for and supported legislation that keeps Minnesotans safe from gun violence. I am a proud supporter of this bill, and I look forward to its positive impacts and contributions to our goal of reducing gun violence.”

Assistant LeaderSenate District 25
Senator Liz Boldon represents Senate District 25 which includes Rochester and Oronoco. She is vice chair of the Housing and Homelessness Prevention Committee, and serves on the Education Policy Committee, Elections Committee, and Health and Human Services Committee.
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