Senator Marty receives “Outstanding Legislator Award” from the Bluffland Whitetails Association

Sen. John Marty (DFL – Roseville) received the 2021 “Outstanding Legislator Award” from the Bluffland Whitetails Association (BWA).  John Zanmiller, Director of Community and Government Affairs for the BWA said the award was, “in recognition of Sen. Marty’s courage in working to address the spread of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) in Minnesota from deer farming operations. Senator Marty offered a floor amendment to impose a moratorium on new deer farming operations, forcing discussion of the problem of Chronic Wasting Disease. Those of us who care about wildlife and deer hunting have been extremely frustrated by the legislature’s unwillingness to address this critical issue and appreciate Sen. Marty’s efforts to bring it to the forefront.”   

During the special session in June, Senator Marty offered an amendment to the omnibus environment finance bill to enact a moratorium on white-tail deer farming to stop additional deer farms. These farms have been linked to the spread of CWD, threatening Minnesota’s entire white-tail deer population. 

“I am honored by this recognition, and grateful to the Bluffland Whitetails Association for continuing to push the state to take the issue of Chronic Wasting Disease seriously,” Senator Marty said. “It’s time for Minnesota to shut down these Cervidae farms before they allow CWD to decimate deer populations across the state. I was deeply disappointed that the Senate refused to even put a moratorium on new operations. The cost of containing CWD continues to grow.” 

“I look forward to continuing to partner with the Bluffland Whitetails Association and other conservation and wildlife groups to protect Minnesota’s rich wildlife and biodiversity.” 

From the Bluffland Whitetails Association website: “The BWA was created by hunters, landowners and wildlife professionals committed to improving white-tailed deer management through education, research and cooperative action. We believe that deer management strategies based on an accurate assessment of today’s herd and sound scientific research will lead to a healthier, better-balanced herd, without reducing hunter opportunities.” 

Senator John Marty
John Marty represents Roseville, Shoreview, Arden Hills, Mounds View and New Brighton.

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