Senator Reinert to Attend Hamline Law School

ST. PAUL, Minn. – Starting this fall Sen. Roger Reinert (DFL-Duluth) can add one more item to his already lengthy resume – student. Beginning Aug. 16, Reinert will become a Hamline Law School student. In his ‘day job’ Reinert is a political science faculty member at Lake Superior College; he describes completing a law degree as an investment in his academic career.

“I am very interested in constitutional law, increasing the public’s civic skills, and helping folks better understand our role as a citizens. A law degree will not only be helpful in my public service, but it will also widen and deepen the scope of both what I teach and how I teach,” said Reinert.

While he spends plenty of time in the classroom, Reinert himself hasn’t been a student for 20 years. “I am excited, and anxious, and nervous,” he said. He will be taking a leave of absence from Lake Superior College this fall to ensure a successful start in his first semester of law school.

The JD program at Hamline is a Saturday and Sunday weekend program, and will take roughly four years to complete.

Sen. Reinert has shared publicly that his goal is not to become a lawyer or practice law, but rather use the law degree to advance his academic teaching career and enhance his ability to serve the public.


Senator Roger Reinert
Roger Reinert represents District 7, which includes St. Louis County. He is also an educator.

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