Senator Rob Kupec Praises $4 Billion Tax Cut Bill

Moorhead Senator Offered Amendment to Fully Repeal Social Security Tax

ST. PAUL, Minn. — On Tuesday, the Minnesota Senate passed an omnibus tax bill that provides more than $4 billion in tax cuts, the largest such bill in state history. The bill includes significant targeted tax relief for seniors, families, homeowners, and farmers. Another piece of the bill designates $325 in funding for cities and counties to pay for public safety measures.

During the floor session, Senator Rob Kupec (DFL-Moorhead) offered an amendment to fully repeal the Social Security income tax for all Minnesotans. His proposal would have balanced the tax budget by creating a 2.1 percent tax on investment income exceeding $250,000, a tax that would have affected only 0.6 percent of filers. Senator Kupec’s floor speech introducing his amendment is attached to this press release.

After a lengthy debate, the amendment was voted down. Senator Kupec later joined with all other DFL senators to pass the tax cut bill on a party-line vote. 

Following the floor vote, Senator Kupec issued the following statement: 

“Eliminating the tax on Social Security income has been a top priority of mine since I began running for this seat in the Senate. I have made that position clear to my fellow legislators, and in fact the first bill I authored this session was for the full repeal of the tax. I have worked hard to build a coalition that could get this done in a responsible way. The amendment I brought during Tuesday’s floor session would have provided tax relief to 227,000 of our seniors, without cutting funds for schools, nursing homes, roads and bridges and public safety. I was disappointed to see the amendment was not adopted. However, I am proud of the tax bill we passed, which will save Minnesotans $4 billion, including the targeted repeal fully eliminating taxes for more than three-quarters of Minnesotans receiving Social Security. This is a strong step that will put money back in seniors’ pockets, and I look forward to seeing it come back in the tax bill that returns from the conference committee.”


Senator Rob Kupec represents Senate District 4, which includes Becker and Clay County. He is vice chair of the Agriculture, Broadband, and Rural Development Committee, and serves on the Health and Human Services Committee, Higher Education Committee, and Labor Committee.
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