Senator Simonson Announces Northeast Minnesota Energy and Industry Tour

Duluth, Minn. – To better understand the current and future demands necessary for several energy-intensive industries, Senator Erik Simonson (DFL-Duluth) has announced a tour of locations throughout Northern Minnesota that face unique energy needs and challenges. As the ranking minority member on the Senate Energy and Utilities Finance and Policy Committee, Senator Simonson is directly involved in crafting responsible energy policy that can meet unique needs throughout the state.

“While a one size fits all energy policy sounds good on paper, we know that there are industries that support thousands of good paying jobs that have unique demands that require a more thoughtful approach to policy making,” said Senator Simonson. “While we continue our important efforts of lowering our carbon emissions and creating a cleaner energy economy, the challenge for policymakers is finding the balance that meets both our commitment to our environment and our communities and their regional economies. This tour will provide a good outlook into present demand, what the future challenges will be, and what steps we need to take to find a sensible path forward.”

Erik Simonson represents District 7 in northeastern Minnesota.

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