Senators and Governor United in Transportation Solutions

Gov. Dayton and Senate leaders were united in their call for a comprehensive transportation funding package in a press conference on Thursday morning. The state faces a critical juncture in whether to tackle the growing demands placed on our aging transportation or to kick any comprehensive solution down the road.

Both the Senate and the governor have proposed similar plans that raise dedicated revenue for Minnesota’s roads and bridges, allowing much needed expansions and projects to get off the ground, on top of much-needed maintenance and repairs across the state. This dedicated funding would meet the needs of our growing state and allow businesses to expand, ensure our communities are livable, and deliver the 21st century transportation network that Minnesota deserves.

Further delay would only add to the costs for Minnesota’s taxpayers and commuters not just now, but also down the line as the state expects to grow by almost a million residents by 2040. The press conference illustrated that comprehensive transportation funding must be one of the top priorities for the 2015 session, and any type of temporary fix or Band-Aid solution would not be enough.

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