State lawmakers respond to President Obama’s statement on Minnesota anti-marriage amendment

Earlier today, President Obama’s office released a statement about the President’s opposition to the proposed constitutional amendment to limit the freedom to marry for some Minnesotans. Sens. Scott Dibble, DFL-Minneapolis, John Harrington, DFL-St. Paul, and Patricia Torres Ray, DFL-Minneapolis, along with Reps. Karen Clark, DFL-Minneapolis, Erin Murphy, DFL-St. Paul, Bobby Joe Champion, DFL-Minneapolis, and Susan Allen, DFL-Minneapolis, released the following statement.

“We are very happy to see President Obama’s strong opposition to the anti-marriage amendment that will be on the November ballot here in Minnesota and we echo his sentiment.

The proposed amendment would rewrite our constitution for the sole purpose of denying freedoms to a certain group of Minnesotans. Marriage is about love and commitment, and our state constitution should never be used make it illegal for some Minnesotans to marry the person they love. Freedom means freedom for everybody—no exceptions, no exclusions.

Marriage is something that is celebrated in Minnesota communities. We come together with friends and family to honor two people entering into the lifetime commitment of rights and responsibilities that comprises marriage. Our communities are strengthened by strong families, and families are strengthened through marriage. By limiting the freedom to marry, we are limiting the strength of our communities.

We thank President Obama for lending his voice to this discussion and hope it sparks a conversation that Minnesotans will be having in their communities in the months leading up to Election Day about what marriage, family and freedom really mean to each of us. We urge voters to join us in voting no on the anti-marriage amendment.”


Senator Patricia Torres Ray
Patricia Torres Ray represents District 63, which includes portions of southeastern Minneapolis and eastern Richfield in Hennepin County in the Twin Cities metropolitan area.

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