State of The State address strikes tone of unity

Governor Walz gave his annual State of the State address over the weekend, but this one was much different than years past. The governor is currently in self-isolation due to being exposed to somebody who tested positive for COVID-19, so his address was given remotely from the governor’s mansion and was broadcasted to news channels and live streams across the state. The speech focused solely on the pandemic at hand and its impact on Minnesotans; it struck a tone of unity and strength while still being pragmatic and realistic about the situation.

Walz compared this virus to a long Minnesotan winter – but recognized that the reality of the virus exceeds even Minnesota’s harshest winter. However, through that comparison, he highlights that Minnesotans are strong and resilient people who are there for our community through the storms and the aftermath that follows them. And, before those storms hit, we prepare. He highlighted the many steps Minnesota was taking to prepare for the peak of the virus in Minnesota and congratulated our engineers and supply chains across many companies who are working tirelessly to increase hospital capacity.

The governor also took time to highlight the stories of Minnesotans embracing their communities during the pandemic – from chalk messages for senior homes to personal protective equipment being delivered to nurses in need, Minnesota has displayed that we continue to operate and succeed as One Minnesota in even the darkest of times. Essential workers were also recognized for their tireless efforts to continue to feed Minnesota, deliver essential goods to them on time, and ensure that we all have the medicines and supplies we need to survive through this pandemic. Walz recognized the grocers, truck drivers, nurses, and many more who are continuing to work through this and assured them that they would be valued more highly in post-COVID society.

In some of his final remarks, Governor Walz recognized the importance of all Minnesotans staying home during this virus, making important sacrifices to slow the spread of the disease and save as many lives as possible. The governor concluded his speech by assuring continued transparency in all upcoming decision-making and declaring the state of the state to be strong, resilient, and united. Together, as One Minnesota, we will make it through this virus and see the fresh Spring upon us as an even more united community.

Senate DFL Media