Stay Home MN

In the midst of the COVID-19, it is crucial that Minnesotans stay home and practice social distancing – especially for those who can’t. Our first responders, health care providers, childcare providers, grocers, and many other Minnesotans are on the frontline ensuring the safety for our families and communities. We can do our part by staying home.

When we stay home, we save lives. COVID-19 is increasing in Minnesotans at a rapid pace and although you might be healthy, vulnerable individuals with underlying health conditions have difficulties fighting COVID-19. It is possible to still feel healthy with COVID-19 and unknowingly pass the virus on to other vulnerable individuals. When we stay home, we slow down the spread of COVID-19, relieving our health care facilities and health care providers who are operating at max capacity.

Stay home, Minnesota – for yourself, for your friends, for your neighbors, for your community.

Encourage those you know to stay home by sharing your story with the hashtag #StayHomeMN, and change your Facebook profile to include the “Stay Home MN” frame, which can be found here.

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