Suicide prevention training for Minnesota teachers

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A bill was heard this week to provide $273,000 in funding to a suicide prevention program called Kognito. Kognito is an online program that could fulfill the requirement for Minnesota teachers to have one-hour of suicide prevention training every year. This program would cost school districts roughly $44 a year, which suicide prevention groups say is a cost-effective way to provide the training required in state law.

The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) of Minnesota testified in support of the bill in the House and noted that Kognito was chosen as the recipient of an MDH grant to pilot suicide prevention trainings in a few districts. NAMI supports expanding the program in Minnesota schools statewide to make sure all educators and staff are getting quality suicide prevention training.

According to their website, this funding will allow for Kognito to “continue to innovate and grow, with new and improved products and services, an increasingly sophisticated simulation and analytics platform, and a bigger team — all while staying true to our mission to harness the power of conversation to change lives.” (SF 2774)