Technology Bridges the Gap Between Classroom and Home

The Senate Education Policy Committee heard S.F. 145 this week, a bill directing the Department of Education to research the strengths of using technology in the classroom and how schools could implement those programs most effectively. The bill focuses specifically on 1:1 programs, those which put devices directly in the hands of students to maximize learning both in the classroom and at home. By bridging the gap between the two, districts already implementing the program have reported that students’ learning can be greatly enhanced if the technology is used properly. While individual school districts have observed great success, a coordinated effort from the commissioner of education would bring much-needed expertise and resources to school districts who want to implement similar programs but want additional information. The bill is designed to grant districts the ability to make the best decisions for students as they adopt technology seen by many as the future of learning. S.F. 145 was passed unanimously and referred to the Finance Committee (S.F. 145)

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