The deadline to obtain a Real ID is rapidly approaching

The deadline to obtain a REAL ID is rapidly approaching. The Real ID Act was passed in 2005 by Congress as a method to combat terrorism post-9/11 but is just now being implemented in Minnesota. Starting October 1 of 2020, the law will require the possession of a REAL ID to fly domestically, enter federal courthouses, and enter military bases. To obtain a REAL ID, Minnesotans will need to bring documents proving identity, social security number, and two different documents proving Minnesota residency to the DMV. To avoid extensive time spent at the DMV, citizens of Minnesota can begin the application process online at It is also important to note that processing could take over a month, so planning a trip to the DMV well before the deadline will be advantageous (it is recommended to apply by June 1, 2020).

Minnesota leadership strongly advises citizens to obtain a REAL ID before the deadline. Failure to do so will result in denial of boarding commercial flights as well as significant backlog later this year. Currently, the wait time for a Real ID after applying for one is 46 days, but that number could be as high as 90-120 for those who wait until after the deadline.