The inauguration of President Joe Biden

The inauguration of a new President has always been a large event with hundreds of thousands of people coming together to celebrate. This year will look different than usual with no large crowds, thousands of national guard members, and a secured National Mall. With President Biden arriving in Washington D.C., former President Trump left on Marine One ahead of the ceremonies. This was the first time an outgoing President has done this in 152 years when former President Johnson left office. The inauguration was attended in person by former Presidents Obama, Bush, and Clinton.

In President Biden’s inaugural speech, he spoke out for unity between the parties. That as part of his duties as leader, he is committed to uphold facts and denounce misinformation as the Biden Administration navigates the COVID-19 crisis. President Biden called for Americans to give him a chance to demonstrate that he will be a President for America, not only to those who have voted for him. With everything that has happened in the past weeks, President Biden stated that democracy has prevailed, and he is committed to bridging the divide in the nation.

As of his first day in office President Biden has submitted over a dozen executive orders on a variety of issues:

  • COVID-19 Response
    • 100-day mask mandate on federally opened buildings.
    • Rejoined the World Health Organization (WHO).
    • Restructured federal coordination for COVID-19 response.
  • Financial Relief
    • Extended eviction and foreclosure moratoriums.
    • Extending forbearance on student loan.
  • Environment
    • Rejoined the Paris Climate Accords.
    • Ended Keystone XL pipeline and revoked oil and gas development at national wildlife monuments.
  • Human Rights
    • Took action to dissolve the 1776 Commission.
    • Counted non-citizens in U.S. Census again.  
    • Strengthened workplace discrimination protections based on sexual orientation and gender identity.
  • Immigration
    • Protected the DACA program for young undocumented students.
    • Ended the Muslim travel ban.
    • Changed arrest priorities for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).
    • Stopped border wall construction.
    • Protections towards Liberians in the country.
  • Regulation
    • Freezing last-minute Trump administration regulatory actions.
  • Ethics
    • Formulate Executive Branch ethics doctrine.