The Minnesota Legislature enters its final weeks

As Senator Greg Clausen (DFL-Apple Valley) and his colleagues in the Senate head into the final weeks of the 2013 Legislative Session, they will be working with the governor and their counterparts in the House to solve the state’s $627 million budget shortfall. Nearing the completion of his first legislative session, Sen. Clausen is proud of the direction they are moving and is looking forward to the discussion with the House.

“The Senate budget makes several investments that Minnesotans have been hoping to see for several years,” said Sen. Clausen. “We are offering property tax relief, investing in early and K-12 education, addressing tuition increases at our colleges and encouraging economic development projects that will lead to long-term jobs across the state.”

Included in the Senate’s package of bills are several individual bills authored by Sen. Clausen, including All-Day Kindergarten and a feasibility study of refinancing student loans for higher education. The Senate is also working to offer $600 million in property tax relief and invests in economic development projects for companies across the state.

“One of the top concerns I heard heading into this session was regarding skyrocketing property taxes,” said Sen. Clausen. “Since 2003, Minnesotans have seen their property taxes increase by 86%. Not only are property taxes not based on people’s ability to pay, the rate of increase is simply unsustainable. Our budget will offer much needed relief to homeowners across the state.”

With the end of session date set at May 20, the Legislature and governor will be working many long hours over the next two weeks. One final budget will need to emerge to complete the session. For more information on Sen. Clausen or his legislative work, contact his office by calling (651) 296-4120 or by emailing


Senator Greg Clausen
Greg Clausen lives in Apple Valley and represents District 57 in the southern Twin Cities metropolitan area.

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