MN Is A Great Place To Live – Let’s Keep It That Way

State investment in building public resources for our communities directly impacts the quality of life across our state – it means jobs, greater economic development and better access to services.

Governor Dayton’s bonding proposal is projected to create over 27,000 jobs across the state. While the economy recovers, these jobs are essential for Minnesota’s working families.

Every corner of our state benefits when we build up our community assets, transportation systems, and educational institutions. Building Minnesota is about improving our communities and investing in our standard of living. No less important, these building projects will put thousands of Minnesotans to work right away.

Governor Dayton developed an excellent list of projects. In the coming weeks the Senate will also be putting together a bonding bill in the hopes of bringing together DFL, GOP, metro, suburban, and rural members. (Requires 3/5th vote, equal to 41 in Senate).

The bonding bill can simultaneously stimulate local economies and draw attention to worthy projects in both small and large communities across the state.

In many ways, the bonding bill is about the responsibility of the state to maintain and extend the lives of our buildings. It is also about respecting the investments taxpayers have made in our state assets.

Bonding is about building Minnesota and positioning our state for long-term job growth and prosperity.

Visit Build.MN to view pictures, access in-depth information and watch videos highlighting bonding projects across the state.

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