Thousands of taxpayers eligible to file for free

As Minnesotans work to finish filing income taxes before the April 15 deadline, the Minnesota Department of Revenue is reminding taxpayers to verify whether they are eligible to file state taxes for free. Last year, almost 62% of Minnesotans qualified to file for free, but more than 780,000 of them did not take advantage.

Taxpayers may be eligible to file electronically for free if their Adjusted Gross Income is $69,000 or less, if they are eligible for the federal Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), or if they are active duty military service members. Eligibility differs depending on which software program is being used. A full list may be found at

Some Minnesotans may also be eligible for free tax preparation services: generally, those age 60 or older, persons with disabilities, those with limited English skills, or those with annual income under $56,000. There are more than 200 free tax-preparation sites available across Minnesota, which can be located at

Even though tax-preparation software programs usually offer free federal tax filing, the programs charge fees to electronically file state income taxes in most states. Minnesota partners with select software programs to enable free filing for qualifying taxpayers, but it must be done though one of the programs listed on the department’s website.