Senate Majority Leader Dziedzic Encouraged by Contract Agreement in Blandin Paper Strike

SAINT PAUL, Minn. – Senate Majority Leader Kari Dziedzic (DFL-Minneapolis) released the following statement on the contract agreement reached by the Teamsters and Blandin Paper Company in the four-week-old Blandin Paper Strike. “I don’t know the details but was pleased… Read More »Senate Majority Leader Dziedzic Encouraged by Contract Agreement in Blandin Paper Strike

Senator Jason Isaacson’s statement on Round 10 Dual Training Grant

The Round 10 Dual-Training Grant has been awarded to two recipients, Apple Tree Dental and IPS Cranes, to provide select employees with on-the-job training and industry-standard credentials in their respective fields. These resources will provide these employees with the opportunity to advance their careers and further their education.

Senate Republicans remove Refinery Safety language from Jobs Bill

In a meeting of the Senate Finance Committee meeting Monday, Senate Republicans stripped language from the omnibus jobs bill requiring petroleum refineries to employ only skilled and highly trained workers. The removal of the provision comes despite the overwhelming bipartisan support of the amendment on the floor, which was adopted last Friday on a vote of 50 to 17.

Senate DFL Leader Susan Kent Statement on Republican Inaction

The Minnesota State Senate failed to fully ratify the state employee contracts that were negotiated in good faith and voted against measures that would have provided economic security for the school district hourly employees that work to ensure our students get to school safely, are in safe and clean environments, and are being supported.