Met Council

Dibble Responds to Continuing Republican Obfuscation

“House and Senate Republicans have aggressively attacked transit riders this year, taking aim at those people who we should be reaching out to the most – students who depend on transit to get to class; seniors who can no longer drive but want to stay active in their communities; young people who cannot afford to, or simply don’t want to be forced into car ownership; Minnesotans with disabilities who rely on transit to get where they need to go; and people who need transit because they would otherwise not be able to get to work.

Housing Investment Huge Boost for Maplewood

ST. PAUL, MINN. – The Frost-English neighborhood in Maplewood is heading for a major facelift. An investment of $1.9 million from the Metropolitan Council will be put toward the $12.3 million 50-unit mixed-income development called the Villages at Frost-English. It’s one of the first steps in what the city plans will be a major redevelopment of the area.Read More »Housing Investment Huge Boost for Maplewood