Rethinking Homelessness: Following Utah’s Lead

Originally published by Senator John Marty on apple-pie.org

Despite Minnesota’s improving economy, many are still struggling. There are 14,000 homeless people in Minnesota, including 4000 children. Many homeless people were doing okay, until losing their job, developing health problems, facing domestic violence, or battling mental illness or addiction.

Becoming homeless aggravates such problems, and people’s lives often fall apart as a result. On top of the personal pain for them and their families, homelessness leads to higher costs for schools, hospitals and emergency rooms, law enforcement, and social services.Read More »Rethinking Homelessness: Following Utah’s Lead

A New Year, A Renewed Commitment to Our Neighbors in Need

This month marks 50 years since President Lyndon Johnson declared a “war on poverty.” There were huge victories in that war during the following decade, but after that, the federal government reversed course, cut anti-poverty programs, and our national government effectively surrendered.