Sen. Clausen

Senator Greg Clausen

Higher Education Budget Bill reaches the floor with a very low budget target

Today on the Senate floor, Senate Republicans voted for an under-funded Higher Education Omnibus Budget Bill (SF 975) that invests just $43 million in Minnesota’s post-secondary institutions and students. Though the bill increases the student grant fund, it falls short in funding both the University of Minnesota and Minnesota State at a time when both systems have faced serious budget challenges due to the pandemic.

Senate Republicans attack Minnesota’s elections and public workers

On a party line vote Wednesday, Senate Republicans moved forward the State Government Omnibus Budget Bill, which includes $23 million of budget cuts. These budget reductions to state agencies would create significant cuts in staffing levels, impede agency responsiveness, increase waiting times for services, and reduce the quality of services provided.

Senator Clausen congratulates the University of Minnesota’s newest Regents

The Minnesota Senate and House of Representatives tonight elected four University of Minnesota Regents to govern the University of Minnesota. The Regents elected are Dr. Ruth Johnson for the first congressional district, James Farnsworth for the fourth congressional district, Kodi Verhalen for the sixth congressional district, and Doug Huebsch for the seventh congressional district regent.