Sen. Dziedzic

Eviction moratorium phase out

The Senate passed Senate File 1470 yesterday on the floor. The bill clarifies that currently Minnesotans can be evicted in certain circumstances including criminal activity involving illegal guns, material lease violations, and endangering the health and safety of others. It also sets a time frame when someone can be evicted due to nonpayment of rent, but it prohibits those evictions if the tenant has an open application for rental assistance. The bill does not address those in mortgage forbearance, but the American Rescue Plan does provide some relief for those households.

Senate DFL women Senators demand equal rights under the law

The women of the Senate DFL gathered today virtually to rally for Minnesota to finally pass the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA). The federal Equal Rights Amendment was originally written in 1923 and finally passed by Congress in 1972. Minnesota ratified the ERA one year later in 1973. After nearly 100 years, the ERA bill was passed in the Minnesota House in 2019, but did not make it past the Republican-controlled Senate.