Sen. Sieben

Senate DFL Caucus Releases 2016 Budget Targets

Senate Finance Committee Chair Sen. Richard Cohen (DFL-St. Paul), Senate Tax Committee Chair Sen. Rod Skoe (DFL-Clearbrook), Senate Majority Leader Tom Bakk (DFL-Cook), Senate Assistant Majority Leader Katie Sieben (DFL-Cottage Grove), and Senate Deputy Majority Leader Jeff Hayden (DFL-Minneapolis) have released the 2016 budget targets for the Minnesota State Senate. Senate DFL Budget targets reflect the stated priorities of the Senate DFL Caucus: investing in transportation, building Minnesota, expanding education opportunities, and supporting equity for workers and families.

Senate Education Committee announces top priorities for 2016 session

Ending the state’s teacher shortage crisis, addressing Minnesota’s 46thstudent to counselor ratio ranking and expanding pre-k for Minnesota’s 4-year-olds are among the Senate Education Committee’s top priorities for the 2016 legislative session. Senate Education Chair Sen. Chuck Wiger (DFL-Maplewood) was joined by Sen. Kevin Dahle (DFL-Northfield), Sen. Vicki Jensen (DFL-Owatonna), Sen. Susan Kent (DFL-Woodbury) and Sen. Katie Sieben (DFL-Cottage Grove) today to discuss their committee priorities in an Expanding Education Opportunities press conference.

Sen. Sieben unveils Paid Family and Medical Leave proposal

Monday morning Sen. Katie Sieben (DFL-Cottage Grove) was joined by more than a dozen statewide advocacy groups to unveil her Paid Family and Medical Leave bill. One day ahead of the start of the 2016 Legislative Session, Sieben says she is looking forward to getting to work on a bill that would allow workers to meet the needs of their families without jeopardizing their economic security. The proposal was designed with the principle everybody contributes, everybody benefits in mind; Sieben hopes this will help attract businesses to support the bill.

Senate Assistant Majority Leader Katie Sieben will not seek reelection

Minnesota Senate Assistant Majority Leader Katie Sieben (District 54) announces today that she will not seek reelection to the Senate in 2016. Sen. Sieben, who chairs the Subcommittee on Elections, has served in the legislature for 14 years, including four years in the House of Representatives prior to her election to the Senate in 2006.