Minnesota’s underfunded transportation network has been a major priority of the Senate, House and Governor in the 2015 Legislative Session. As the state continues to grow, our roads and bridges are struggling to keep up, and growing needs for transit and other options are going unmet.

According to the Governor’s Transportation Finance Advisory Committee (TFAC), the state is projected to have a $21.2 billion dollar funding gap over the next 20 years for our transportation system just to maintain the status quo, and a $54.6 billion shortfall if we want to compete internationally. The Senate legislation prioritizes road and bridge repair, expands economic corridors across the state, and increases the ability of all Minnesotans to get where they need to go in rural, suburban, and metro areas.

‘Lights On Plus’ Funding Bill and Omnibus Policy Bill

This is the lights-on plus bill agreed upon by the Senate and the House, providing an additional $30 million from the general fund. Appropriations are included for greater Minnesota transit, ...
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Limiting Eminent Domain Powers of a Railroad Company or Corporation

As concerns rise around the length of trains and their effects on first responders getting to emergency situations quickly and effectively, public officials are looking for more tools to reduce ...
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Texting While Driving

The committee adopted amended language regarding secondary violations of the prohibition on texting while driving. The Senate originally had a $300 fine for the second and subsequent violations, but it ...
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Electronic Proof of Auto Insurance

Minnesota will now join a list of 37 other states allowing electronic proof of insurance thanks to an update in state law. As more drivers are using apps rather than ...
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Expanding Railroad Responsibility

One piece of legislation heard this year would play a pivotal role in increasing the protections for communities along rail lines. The bill updates statute so that railroad corporations are ...
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Transportation Bills that Did Not Pass

Transportation Omnibus Finance Bill The Governor and the Senate have a shared vision to provide sustainable dedicated transportation funding for a comprehensive plan, but the House was adamantly opposed to ...
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