U of M, Minn State outline budget requests for Higher Education Committee

The University of Minnesota and Minn State this week outlined their biennial budget requests at the first meeting of the Higher Education Committee of the session.

Higher education funding has taken budget hits over the past few years. Last session the committee saw $1 million re-appropriated from other programs and zero additional funding for the U of M. Minn State has fared better but still has made budget cuts due to insufficient funding.

Minn State is requesting $246 million for the coming biennium which is a 17% increase. Minn State is promising a tuition freeze if it receives this funding:

  • $37 million for an ISRS Next Gen technology infrastructure project
  • $169 million for quality programming and to cover 3% inflationary costs
  • $25 million in targeted financial support
  • $15 million to address workforce gaps

The University of Minnesota is requesting an additional $87 million, which is a 7% increase. The U of M is hoping to limit tuition increases to 2%. The additional funding would go to staff salary increases, student financial support through the U’s core mission, and enhancing student services such as mental health services and classroom upgrades. The U of M is not promising a tuition freeze this session.

The U of M and Minn State will likely also ask for capital improvement money this session.