Veterans Committee hears benefits bills

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The Senate Veterans Committee met this week to hear a series of bills, including two department bills and two bills aimed at improving benefit and services for our state’s veterans.

The first bill would extend a tax benefit aimed at allowing veterans with disabilities and their spouses to stay in their homes. Minnesota currently allows veterans with a disability rating of at least 70% and their spouses to exempt part of the value of their homes when determining property taxes. This bill would allow veterans’ spouses to remain eligible for this benefit even when the veteran passes on. The law currently limits veterans’ spouses’ ability to access this exemption for only eight years after the veteran passes. The bill was sent to the Taxes Committee. (SF 3261)

A second bill heard in committee would allocate money to the eight centers for independent living, which work to keep people in their communities, located across Minnesota, to pay for staff trained specifically in veterans’ care. The bill was sent to the Jobs Committee. (SF2653)