Veterans Committee

The Senate Veterans Committee met this week to hear presentations from some of the programs that have been established to help our state’s veterans. The committee heard from the Minnesota Veterans’ Courts, which are problem-solving courts that serve veterans charged with a criminal offense who are struggling with addiction, serious mental illness, or co-occurring disorders.

The Veterans Defense Project, whose mission is to conduct and support education, research, and information activities to increase public awareness of issues effecting veterans in the criminal justice system and promote the effective legal representation of military veterans charged with criminal offenses, also presented.

The Eagle’s Healing Nest, a non-profit organization committed to meeting the needs of our state’s veterans and family members who suffer from the invisible wounds of war, gave an update on the work they’ve been doing to provide for our veterans.

The committee also heard a bill that aims to improve awareness for Minnesota’s National Guard members of the life insurance policies provided to them by the state as members of the guard. (SF 2692)