Vote-by-mail has wide support amongst Minnesotans

Taking steps such as voting by mail, moving polling places from high-risk locations like nursing homes, and unlocking federal funds to increase the safety of our elections are all widely supported measures according to recent polling in Minnesota. The poll found 63% of Minnesotans supported sending an absentee ballot to every registered voter, allowing them to vote from home.

Despite this support, Senate Republicans have continued to ignore taking any steps addressing election safety and security. While House DFLers have moved an election bill that provides expanded vote by mail, Senate Republicans have taken no action on this legislation or on unlocking Help America Vote Act (HAVA) funding. No one should choose between their health and their right to vote, and Senate DFLers are working hard to provide safer voting alternatives for Minnesotans.

The poll also revealed that Minnesotans are supportive of Governor Walz’s handling of the COVID-19 crisis and believe Minnesota has taken the right steps up to this point in responding to this crisis.