Walz Administration plans for shut-down consequences

Governor Walz, Lt. Governor Flanagan, Attorney General Ellison, members from both parties, and leaders from the Minnesota faith community held a press conference this week regarding the federal shutdown and its effects on Minnesotans.

Various leaders expressed sentiments of solidarity, and sought to reassure the public that despite difficulties, Minnesotans would feel minimal impacts from the longest federal government shutdown in the nation’s history.

Governor Walz and his administration informed Minnesotans that this issue is an urgent, non-partisan priority for the state government.

The Walz Administration has already begun working to ensure that Minnesotans relying on SNAP and other services funded by federal grants are informed of any changes to their plan. Several religious leaders emphasized the priority of food aid, asking for help with difficulties faced due to a lack of funding for programs like SNAP, as well as in agriculture across the state.

Minnesota receives approximately $1 billion each month from the federal government across a variety of industries. Within the state government, there are about 3,000 state workers who are payed completely or partially by federal dollars. However, there have been no layoffs, benefits are still being paid, and no services have been stopped at this time. Recipients of food aid in Minnesota receive on average $110 per month, a number which several religious leaders stressed was insufficient.

The Walz Administration is committed to working with state and federal elected officials to guarantee that the federal government will fully reimburse the state of Minnesota, regardless of the longevity of the federal shutdown.