We must invest in a recovery that works for all says Senator Jen McEwen

The Minnesota Management and Budget agency released their updated February budget forecast Friday, and projected a positive budget balance of $1.6 billion for Minnesota in the upcoming biennium. Minnesota Management and Budget stated that this change is primarily due to an improved U.S. economic outlook, bolstered by large federal actions that emerged since November and were not incorporated in earlier projections.

In response to the February forecast, Senator Jen McEwen (DFL-Duluth) released the following statement: 

“This forecast makes two things abundantly clear. The first is that this economic recovery is not being felt equally by Minnesotans, as hundreds of thousands of people continue to struggle to make ends meet. The second is that we can afford to fully fund what we need to address the immediate crisis facing Minnesotans, including the programs and resources necessary to ensure a full and fair recovery. 

The only thing we cannot afford is inaction. This public health crisis is also an economic crisis for far too many people, and any ‘recovery’ that leaves people out will hurt everyone in the state. We know what steps can be taken to ensure this doesn’t happen. These include delivering a one-time payment to families receiving Minnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP) benefits, passing the Essential Workers Emergency Leave Act, and passing a robust bonding bill that invests in our State’s affordable housing infrastructure, creates good union jobs, and sets ourselves up for a recovery for all.”

Jen McEwen represents Senate District 7, which covers the community of Duluth.

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