Week fifteen at a glance

In the second to last full week of the legislative session, time is running short to deliver solutions to issues facing Minnesotans. The Senate and House are engaged in conference committee negotiations on critical budget proposals, while also taking up individual bills before the constitutionally mandated adjournment on Monday, May 23.

While these negotiations continue to advance, Minnesotans are still reeling from the leak of the upcoming Supreme Court decision that would overturn Roe v. Wade. This shocking reversal of precedent will put a longstanding fundamental right at risk, and Minnesotans are worried about what the future will bring for access to reproductive health care.

Senate DFLers recognize that with the remaining time in the session, we must move urgently to protect these rights. That’s why during Thursday’s floor debate DFLers moved to bring a series of bills to the floor that would protect these fundamental rights.

We know that Minnesotans believe in the right to privacy for individuals and that individuals are best equipped to make decisions over their own bodies – especially decisions about parenthood, marriage, contraception, and more. We also know that we have work to do to ensure Minnesotans have access to the health care they need including reproductive health care but also paid family and medical leave, child care assistance, fully funding education, and more if they are to succeed and thrive.

Despite the urgent need to address the upcoming Supreme Court decision, Senate Republicans blocked every effort from Senate DFLers Thursday to protect these fundamental rights and to support policies that will help children and families.

This fight is not over. Senate DFLers remain committed to fighting for Minnesotans by protecting fundamental rights and ensuring families are supported in every community.