Week fourteen at a glance, two weeks to go

With just under three weeks to go in the legislative session, time is running out to address the pressing issues facing Minnesota families. While Senate DFLers are fighting to address rising costs and invest in the needs facing communities, Senate Republicans continue to show how misplaced their priorities are.

This was made clear in their insulting education budget proposal. Despite a $9.2 billion surplus, they only proposed spending $30 million on one program – and neglected the needs facing our students, parents, and teachers. And when DFLers made any attempt to offer amendments to improve the bill, they were shut down. Missed opportunities were also the theme of their higher education proposal – which made no attempt to reduce costs for students, tackle student debt, or invest in the colleges and universities that anchor our communities.

Other Republican omnibus bills offered this week also failed to meet the moment for Minnesotans. Republicans refused to accept amendments to improve voter accessibility, make college students safer on campus, and other common-sense proposals were all silenced. Instead of actually prioritizing improving the quality of life for and protecting Minnesotans, Senate Republicans fell short and chose to spend on tax cuts for the wealthy.

While these debates were being had on the floor of the Senate, news was leaked suggesting that the Supreme Court intends to overturn Roe v. Wade. Although reproductive freedom would remain a right in the state of Minnesota, it has become clear that the right to abortion and reproductive care is becoming increasingly threatened.

Minnesotans are worried about being able to afford the essentials in their life, but more and more are also worried about fundamental rights they hold dear. Senate DFLers are committed to fighting to address the kitchen-table issues facing families as well as ensuring that fundamental rights are protected.