Week fourteen events & recognitions

Ramadan ended with the breaking of fasts in honor of Eid-Al-Fitr. This week, we saw a massive number of recognitions to honor communities of color, veterans, healthcare workers, educators, and childcare providers. All communities that are deserving of these recognitions for their extensive work to keep communities safe and thriving.

We were joined by Democracy advocates to discuss how we can better protect our democratic institutions. A celebration of professions included skilled trades and small businesses, which allowed us to reflect on the backbone of our economy and the Minnesotans that make up the 99% of what allows our workforce to thrive.

We ended our week indulging in some delicious ice cream to celebrate colleagues and ourselves in honor of our collective commitment to public service.

As we navigate the month of May, we will continue to celebrate and learn from one another. Through these recognitions and remembrances, we become grounded in our work and reflect on the people and causes we are advocating for.