Clean Cars rules

and everything else happening in the Legislature this week

Clean Cars rules continue to be topic of discussion in Republican Senate

Senate Republicans held two hearings this week to once again discuss Governor Walz’s proposed Clean Cars rules, despite having held hearings on the topic within the past year. A joint hearing was held by the Environment and Natural Resources Finance Committee and the Environment and Natural Resources Policy and Legacy Finance Committee, and another hearing on the topic was held later in the week by the Transportation Committee. Read more >>

Minnesota vaccination plans prep for expansion

The Health and Human Services Committee received an update from the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) on vaccine rollout and the new community pilot program that started this week.  Vaccinations in nursing homes and assisted living facilities are moving steadily, either through a federal pharmacy program or in partnership with local vaccinators. Read more >>

The inauguration of President Joe Biden

The inauguration of a new President has always been a large event with hundreds of thousands of people coming together to celebrate. This year will look different than usual with no large crowds, thousands of national guard members, and a secured National Mall. Read more >>

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