Governor’s budget proposal unveiled

and everything else happening in the Legislature this week

Governor Walz announces COVID-19 recovery budget

Minnesota lawmakers are constitutionally required to set a 2022-2023 budget before June 30 this year, and Governor Walz took the first step in this process this week by announcing his budget priorities. The proposal is focused on helping Minnesotans recover from the COVID-19 pandemic by investing in schools and students, businesses, and working families. Read more >>

Senate Republicans push voter ID, continue to spread deceptive election integrity claims

Senate Republicans are once again promoting a controversial voter suppression bill that will reduce turnout in Minnesota elections by tens of thousands of voters. The proposal requires all voters to possess either a driver’s license, Minnesota identification card, or voter identification card in order to vote. Read more >>

Republican leadership attacks Minnesota’s teachers

Senate Republicans laid out their priorities for the 2021 legislative session Thursday. Instead of proposing real solutions to address the safety concerns of Minnesotans or to tackle the challenges that we continue to face due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Republican leadership blamed Minnesota’s teachers and Governor Walz for keeping students out of the classroom, ignoring the unprecedented public health emergency facing Minnesota and the tremendous work that has been done by educators to adapt to this challenge. Read more >>

Call of the Senate with Mary Kunesh