Celebrating Black History Month

and everything else happening in the Legislature this week

Senate DFL celebrates Black History Month

February 1 through March 1 is recognized federally and state-wide as Black History Month. In recognition of that, DFL members are taking time to reflect and listen to those who have consistently been underrepresented in our Legislature. As we take this month to reflect on their legacy, we take up the mantle of change. Read more >>

35,000 vaccine doses going to Minnesota seniors this week

Governor Walz announced this week that 35,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccines would be distributed to over 100 health systems, clinics, and local pharmacies across the state for Minnesotans over 65. In addition, two new permanent site clinics launched this week in Minneapolis and Duluth; another in southern MN will be opening soon. Read more >>

Republicans give priority to anti-trans athlete bill

The Senate E-12 Education Committee heard a bill this week that would prohibit transgender girls from competing on girls’ sports teams at high school and youth levels. The bill received a hearing despite already being deemed unconstitutional, based on a 2019 U.S. Court of Appeals ruling. Read more >>

Unconstitutional: Anti-Trans Youth Athlete Bill

Adult-use Cannabis Bill resurfaces in the Legislature

Federal Reserve President Neel Kashkari testifies in Senate Finance Committee

Hometown Heroes Act Introduced to the Legislature