Senate DFLers urge support for Frontline Workers across the state

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Senate DFLers urge support for Frontline Workers across the state

Senate and House DFLers were joined by frontline workers in a Rochester press conference this week as part of a DFL efforts to push for immediate action by the Legislature on a $1 billion package that would provide $1500 in pandemic worker bonuses for 667,000 frontline workers across Minnesota.   Read more >>

Senate Republicans shutting down conversations on public safety reforms

An officer-involved shooting during the serving of a no-knock warrant in Minneapolis last week led to the killing of 22-year-old Amir Locke, who was later revealed to not be a suspect subject to the warrant but an innocent civilian. Public outcry against his tragic death has renewed policy discussion on the use by law enforcement of no-knock warrants and their efficacy and safety. Read more >>

Senate Republican public safety proposals fail to deliver

Senate Republicans introduced and heard a number of bills on public safety this week, many of which are geared towards headlines instead of safety for Minnesotans.

Bill introductions since the start of session have shown the true priorities of Senate Republicans: lowering the age for people to get a permit to carry to 18, eliminating the need to renew these permits, and allowing anyone to carry a gun at the State Fair. These bills come at a time when Minnesota is grappling with the aftermath of a school shooting and increased gun violence.


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