Gun Violence Prevention Advocates Rally

and everything else happening in the Legislature this week

Gun violence prevention can’t wait

Advocates for sensible gun violence prevention bills rallied this week at the Capitol. Proponents of extended background checks and extreme risk protection orders welcomed senators as they entered the chamber to start the 2020 legislative session … Read more >>

Republican “Clean Energy First” bill falls short

The Republican-led Energy and Public Utilities Committee this week devoted time to discuss the “Clean Energy First” bill, which attempts to move the state toward prioritizing clean energy. Read more >>

Patients still waiting for emergency insulin access

The cost of insulin has tripled in the last 10 years, putting a burden on thousands of Minnesotans, while the three insulin manufacturers that control more than 90% of the U.S. market have been raking in record profits. Read more >>

Senate DFL Week in Review

Minnesota seeks to stop child marriages

Child marriage is a real problem in Minnesota and across the country. In Minnesota, the legal marriage age is 18, but the law includes a dangerous loophole: Children age 16 or 17 can marry with parental “consent” and judicial approval.


The 2020 State of Main Street

State Auditor Julie Blaha held a press conference this week to discuss the state of main street, giving an executive summary of state and local budgets and how they interact with each other. Topics this year included economic and demographic realities, redistricting, negotiating skills and tools, and more.


Legislature attends One MN Conference

The Humphrey School of Public Affairs hosted this week the annual One Minnesota Legislative Policy Conference. The bicameral, bipartisan event focuses on improving the state’s legislative process.