February budget forecast reveals $9.3 billion budget surplus for Minnesota

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February budget forecast reveals $9.3 billion budget surplus for Minnesota

The Minnesota Department of Management and Budget released their updated February budget forecast for the state this week, providing lawmakers with Minnesota’s most current financial outlook. The projection indicates Minnesota has a $9.253 billion surplus over the next two years. While this forecast, as well as the estimates for the structural balance in FY 2024-25, remains positive, there is more uncertainty due to inflation and geopolitical conflict, which pose a risk to Minnesota’s economic outlook, they said.


Senate Republican education bill aims to provide solutions to nonexistent issues

Instead of addressing school funding shortfalls, confronting the opportunity gap, providing mental health support, or tackling teacher retention and recruitment, Senate Republicans chose instead to spend time pushing far-right influenced legislation that has virtually zero chance of becoming law. This political distraction hurts our students, parents, teachers, and schools. Read more >>

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