The fight for hourly school employees

and everything else happening in the Legislature this week

Hourly school workers deserve a paycheck

The challenge of COVID-19 is being felt in every corner of our state and in the everyday lives of Minnesotans. One of the most significant disruptions has been in our schools, where classes can no longer meet in person. Students, teachers, support staff, and administrators have had to put a plan in place for continuing education for the next several weeks. Read more >>

Legislators advocate for first responders’ access to workers comp

Legislators sent a letter to Governor Walz asking him to use his executive authority to ensure first responders have access to workers compensation benefits in the event they contract COVID-19. In the letter, legislators argue that first responders are putting themselves at risk in order to help citizens stay safe and get access to health care they need. Read more >>

Rental assistance being negotiated

Leading up to session last Thursday, DFLers were in negotiations with Republicans to provide Emergency Housing Assistance Grants. Unfortunately, those negotiations broke down before an agreement could be reached. Read more >>

Essential Workforce, Thank You!