Senate DFLers move to protect reproductive health care rights and support children and families

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Senate DFLers move to protect reproductive health care rights and support children and families

With the Supreme Court’s looming decision to overturn Roe v Wade, Minnesotans are worried that longstanding fundamental rights and reproductive health care access will be restricted or banned. That’s why Senate DFLers moved with urgency Thursday to defend and protect these rights by attempting to bring a number of bills forward in the debate on the Senate Floor.  Read more >>

Senate DFLers move real Paid Family and Medical Leave

Senate Republicans brought a bill to the Senate floor this week that they initially described as expanding paid leave opportunities for Minnesota workers. In reality, the bill simply allowed insurance companies to sell yet another insurance product that an employee would need to purchase before an event that would qualify for time off from work to care for family members. The bill contained no parameters on how much an insurance company could charge for the benefit or a guarantee all applicants would be approved, nor did it allow for personal medical leave to count as a reason for using the insurance.

(SF 3885) Read more >

Senate DFLers prioritize education, property tax relief over tax cuts for the rich

This week, the Minnesota Senate passed an updated version of the $8.5 billion tax bill that passed last month. This version contained the same core spending — $3.3 billion this year and $2.5 billion every year after to cut the first-tier tax rate and fully exempt all Social Security benefits from taxes. The bill also added a state property tax elimination for business and cabin property; an increase in the homestead market value exclusion for homeowners; an expansion of the Targeted Property Tax Refund; and an increase in the state’s K-12 education and dependent care tax credits. Read more >

Press Conference: Protecting Reproductive Health Care Rights