Last of the Omnibus Budget Bills

and everything else happening in the Legislature this week

Senate DFL prioritizes Minnesotans

Republicans passed a sparse tax bill this week that does little to meet the needs of Minnesotans recovering from the pandemic. In addition, because Republicans refused to even discuss raising new revenue to help fund future growth, the vast needs in education, housing, health care, broadband, and transportation are not addressed in any of the Republican budget bills passed during the past two weeks.


Controversial State Government Omnibus Budget Bill passes

A controversial State Government Omnibus Budget Bill passed the Senate this week. The bill cuts various agency budgets, ignores the need for operating increases at most state agencies, and imposes provisional balloting in the state, which would suppress voting and create a ‘maybe’ pile of ballots.


Health and Human Services Omnibus Passes

Senate Republicans gave the Health and Human Services Budget zero dollars to spend. At a time when we have a budget surplus, Minnesotans want to see visionary proposals as we continue to face serious health disparities, high prescription drug costs, and limited access to comprehensive, high quality health care. None of these goals are addressed in the Health and Human Services Omnibus Budget Bill that passed off the floor of the Senate this week.


Call of the Senate: Police Accountability