Voter Idenification Bill

and everything else happening in the Legislature this week

Senate Republicans support voter suppression through passage of Voter ID bill

A controversial bill passed the Senate floor this week on a party-line vote to impose onerous voter ID requirements on our future elections. Photo ID requirements—in conjunction with provisional ballots and voter registration purges—have been used by Republicans across the country to disenfranchise voters and make it more difficult for citizens to cast a ballot.


House moving forward on police reform legislation, unclear if Senate Republicans will follow

The conference committee tasked with deliberating the 2021 Judiciary Omnibus Bill began its work this week, walking through the Senate and House versions of the bill and the similarities and differences. There is more than 200-page difference between the two bills, with the House having a higher budget target and allowing policy provisions to be included in the bill.


Conference Committee update

Conference committees for each of the omnibus budget bills have been appointed and began working this week. Those committees are comprised of five House members and five Senate members and are tasked with working out differences between each chamber’s version of a bill, which then will be sent to the Governor for consideration.


Senate DFL: Defending Minnesotans’ Rights & Fighting for Working Families